The Holy Stanzas of The Constituents of Enlightenment



 In Honor of the Blessed One of the Fully Enlightened One

By Nithee Siripat Siripat.com and Academiae Network. 2014

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Dictionary of Numerical Dhammas ҹءطʹ Ǵ
  Dictionary of Buddhist Terms ҹءطʹ ѺѾ

 Шӻ ⾪ѧԵ






⾪ѧ еѧ ҹѧ ж (⾪ ʵ Ԩ⾪)

յ ѷ ѧ жһ ( յ ѷ⾪)

Ҹ໡⾬ѧ (Ҹ ໡⾪) = ѹ С

ѵ ѾзԹ عԹ зѡҵ Ե աе  (Сҹ 繸ѹ

                   ع ç繸駻ǧͺ ѹؤԭǡзҡ)

ѧѵѹ ԭ Ծҹ ⾸ (ͤ йԾҹ)

൹ ѨѪહ (¡áǤѵ)

ʵ ˵ Ѿз (ͤʴ ѧԴҹ ʹŷء)


лѧ ء ⾪ѧ ѵ   (˹ šҶ

                   ʹ๵繾ҹ оҡʻ ѺӺҡ

                   ֧çʴ⾪ ҹͧѧ)

ѧ ԹѹԵ (ҹͧ 蹪Թ ⾪)

ä بԧ ѧ (ä㹺Ѵ)

൹ ѨѪહ (¡áǤѵ)

ʵ ˵ Ѿз (ͤʴ ѧԴҹ ʹŷء)


͡з Ҫһ ୹Ի (㹤˹ ͧиҪͧ Ъ˹ѡ)

عѵù ѭ Ь໵ҹ ҷѧ (ѺШعС⾪þ)

Ե ҾҸ د ҹ (çѹԧķ ¨ҡлЪ¾ѹ)

൹ ѨѪહ (¡áǤѵ)                                                            

ʵ ˵ Ѿз (ͤʴ ѧԴҹ ʹŷء)


չ ҾҸ Գѹ Թѧ (ҾҸ¹ ͧçسѹ˭

                      ͧ Ѻա)

ѤеС ѵҹػѵԸеѧ (بѧ ١äӨѴ 


൹ ѨѪહ (¡áǤѵ)

ʵ ˵ Ѿз (ͤʴ ѧԴҹ ʹŷء ͭ)



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